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Homer: Homer is one of the playable characters, he can jump, kick, burp, turn into Homer Ball, "Heli-Homer", "Gumi-Homer" (only Xbox version) and "Lava-Homer" (only Xbox version). This is the only level in which he can use C4 explosives, at the ship part.

  • Bart: Bart is one of the playable characters, he can jump, kick, use his wrist rocket, open his cape to release bats and turn into Bartman to glade, climb walls and ziplines and grapple.
  • Üter Zorker: he throws a rock to a window in St. de Capitulons.
  • Abraham Simpson: he is the leader of the missions and shows Homer and Bart classified stuff like blueprints, photos and medals.
  • Mr. Burns: he is Abraham's partner but later steals the valorous French paintings. Bart then defeats him on his ship.
  • French people: they are running in St. de Capitulons and only attack you if you attack them. One of them is a woman and the other two are men (those from "The Crepes of Wrath").
  • Smithers: enemies in the ship. They are the Medal of Homer versions of Smithers and attack you with plungers.

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