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Mayor Adam West is a recurring character on the animated TV show "Family Guy." He is the eccentric and rather odd Mayor of Quahog, Rhode Island. He is seated next to Mayor Quimby at the trial.


  • Suprisingly enough, Mayor West is voiced by the actor by the same name, Adam West who loves Family Guy. West stated that he would never make any references to Batman on the show even though on the episode "Family Guy Viewer Mail No.1" he said that he had tangled with super beings before.
  • Mayor West is a part of the Griffin/Pewterschmidt family tree as he is the 10th husband of Lois Griffin's sister, Carol. He is also the stepfather of Carol's son from her 8th relationship.
  • Mayor West once briefly dated his niece by marriage, Meg Griffin in the episode "Deep Throats"


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