Does anyone have a baby we can hold near the flames?
―Maxine Lombard

Maxine Lombard is a Democrat who has an affair with Mr. Burns and they both fall in love.


The Simpsons family water catches due to underground fracking. Lisa calls Assembly Women Lombard to stop the fracking caused by Mr. Burns. Lombard holds a committee hearing where Lombard tells Mr. Burns that he needs to have the approve of residents to continue fracking and shuts down Burns operation. Burn charges into Lombard's office to argue, but the two ends up have an affair.

Burns decides to get the signatures of the residents by giving them $5000 for a signature, while Lombard leads an anti-fracking rally. Despite their differences the two continue to have an affair. Burns fails to revive all the signatures and in anger breaks up with Maxine.


Lombard and Burns after having an affair


Maxine and Burns dancing

In retaliation Lombard destroys part of Burns Manor and plans to make "Liberal paradise” containing a Reclining Center, Native American history museum, a condor sanctuary, and a national public radio center. Burns illegally turns his fracking station back on casing a earthquake, but Homer Simpson destroys the station ending it. Maxine (who is there destroy the station with Homer) sees Burns and forgive him, and two start dating again.