Martha is a robber who robbed the Live Free or Diner.


She and her husband live in New Hampshire, most likely Concord as the state's capital city is marked on the map and the primaries are held in the capital; plus, media coverage is almost always in the city in which it takes place. When New Hampshire had its Presidential primaries, the news came to interview residents. She and her husband were asked about what they thought of all this. However, the media found out Springfield was having a Presidential primary earlier than any other city, leaving and allowing her husband and herself to make their move and rob the cashier. Unfortunately for the cashier, her husband reveals her name, to which she then claims that she has to kill the cashier to remove loose ends. She then closes the blinds and locks the door. Whether she really went through and killed him is unknown.


Martha is married to her unnamed husband. She is mentioned to have a wise father-in-law. She is leader of the duo and keeps cool during the whole robbery.


  • An interesting note is that they make their move after the media leave, but Springfield's decision with the primaries was so sudden that they did not know the media would leave. Also, it is clear they planned it for today as Martha’s husband claims she knitted their masks. Additionally, they also brought their equipment (guns and masks). So, in conclusion, they planned to commit the robbery on the day the media would appear, possibly in an attempt to get themselves recognized to the public.
  • In Mobile Homer, a couple resembling her husband and herself appear in an RV. The husband speaks the same as Martha's husband, and the wife is even called Martha. They poke fun at each other to mask the pain of their kid's death. With these coincidental similarities, it is unknown what they would be doing in Springfield. It is possible that they fled New Hampshire while on the run.

    Possible Martha.