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Marjorie is a song sung by Jackson Browne and Homer in the episode Brake My Wife, Please. It is a parody of Browne's song "Rosie" from the album "Running on Empty." The parody lyrics were written by Tim Long. It is the nineteenth track on the album The Simpsons: Testify.


And now, Marge, I bring-a you the main-a course-a. Elektra recording artist slash-a political activist-a, Jackson-a Browne-a.
Ooh, the Pretender.
Jackson Browne:
When Homer told me about this special night, I just had to be a part of it. I'm here to serenade you with a song.
Jackson Browne:
From my latest album.
Jackson Browne:
Just kidding. Here's one of my many classics.
That I fixed with new words.
Jackson Browne:
(starts playing piano)
You hooked up in high school,
Now you've come so far.
And you started to hate him
And hit him with your car.
So I threw you a fancy banquet
And now you can't stay mad.
How 'bout a makeup snuggle?
It would be so rad.
Jackson Browne:
Margie, you're all right,
You wear my ring,
When you hold me tight,
Margie, that's my thing,
When you turn out the light,
I've got to hand it to me.
It looks like it's me and you again tonight,
Oh, I'm really touched by how much you care. I love you, too.
So, uh, you don't wanna kill me anymore?
Only with kisses. (Homer whimpers) Oh, don't be a wuss!
(she kisses him)
Jackson Browne:
Looks like it's me and you again tonight,

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