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See ya in hell, fat man!
―Margerine after suffocating Henry.

Margerine of Aragon (based on the real-life Catherine of Aragon) was the first wife of King Henry VIII and therefore Queen of England. She is played by Marge in Margical History Tour.

Henry VIII (Homer) had grown tired of his marriage to Margerine because she was unable to give him the son and heir he wanted. Instead, she gave him a daughter named Mary (Lisa). After seeing her husband flirting with Anne Boleyn at court, Margerine signed them up for marriage counseling. Unable to behead Margerine because her father was the King of Spain, Henry started his own church to divorce Margerine and marry Anne.

Margerine was locked in a dungen for years after their divorce, which promoted her to suffocate the King on his deathbed in 1547. In real life this never happened because Catherine died in 1536, six years before Henry died in 1547.