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What is a Manimal?

Treehouse of Horror XIII

Manimal Version of The Simpsons

Manimal refers to Treehouse of Horror Characters who were humans made into animals by Julius Hibbert.

Main Character's Manimal


Homer was the last person to become a manimal. He became a walrus.


Marge is the first of the Simpsons to be made into a manimal. She became a panther.


Bart became a spider. Bart made a web reading Eat My Shorts.


Bart and his art

Lisa and Maggie

Lisa became an owl and Maggie became an anteater.

Lisa tried to eat Maggie and claimed that they were playing a game called "Let's Eat Maggie" when she was reprimanded by her father.


Flanders became a cow. He guided Homer to the Crowd of Manimals.

Other Background Characters

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