"Manhattan Madness" was the very first cartoon to star Itchy. It was created by Chester Lampwick in 1919, the only known print burned up after being viewed by Bart and Milhouse.


The very first Itchy cartoon is parodying Oswald the Lucky Rabbit. The plot revolves Itchy (looking noticeably different due to this cartoon being drawn by Itchy's original creator Chester Lampwick) strutting around Manhattan while he decides to hurt people throughout the day. The victims include an Irish person (who was wrung through an old washing machine starting with his beard) and President Theodore Roosevelt (who was decapitated with an axe). Itchy, now bloodied, winks at the screen and the cartoon ends.

Despite being made in 1919, the Empire State Building (1931) can be seen in the skyline in the beginning.

Behind the Laughter

The cartoon doesn't have the soundtrack built into the film reel, as evidenced by Chester Lampwick playing the piano to provide the soundtrack for the short.