Malibu Stacy is a plastic doll that is manufactured within Springfield by the Maliby Stacy Division of PetroChem Petrochemical Corporation.

It is the most popular doll in Springfield. Stacy is Lisa's favorite doll, despite some moral issues she has had with the attitudes it promotes.

(The doll exists in the Simpsonverse as a parody of Mattel's Malibu Barbie doll and other fashion dolls for girls in the real world.)  The name Stacy is derived from the name of the facial mold used by Mattel for its 1971 Malibu Barbie.


Malibu Stacy was first created in 1959, when Stacy designed a doll that you could also eat. The first release of the doll was unsuccessful due to the doll's main ingredient - dried onion meal - but the design of the doll was lauded, and so a plastic version was released soon after. Once that happened, Malibu Stacy became incredibly successful.

Stacy Lavelle was forced out of the company in 1974, stating that her thinking wasn't "cost-effective." Lavelle herself believes that the more significant reason for her dismissal is her funneling of money to the Viet Cong. Since then, she has had no real control over the company she created.

She is seen in dolls in the Simpsons game, when you collect all Stacy Seals in a level.


Despite its popularity among the girls of Springfield, Malibu Stacy is also shown to be rather sexist in what it represents and teaches.

Ever since its debut (Marge Simpson was shown to have being somewhat influenced by it in her childhood, quoting that all of the controversy would be fine after forgetting it over ice cream).

When "Talking Malibu Stacy" dolls were introduced, pulling a string on the doll's back provided typically vapid catchphrases that were demeaning to women (such as satirically "Don't ask me, I'm just a girl!" and subsequently laughs in a ditsy tone). Lisa fronted an effort to produce a competing doll called "Lisa Lionheart", which would act as a more positive female role model. Its sales were disappointingly low, being thwarted by the simultaneous release of "Malibu Stacy with New Hat."


Malibu Stacy is the most popular doll in Springfield, and her biggest fan is Waylon Smithers. On several occasions, Smithers is said to own the largest collection of Malibu Stacy dolls and accessories in Springfield. Smithers also publishes a newsletter for fellow Malibu Stacy fans, and has written and produced a musical based on Malibu Stacy.


Malibu Stacy is a fashion doll with long, wavy blonde hair and red lips. Her mostly worn outfit is a pink dress with a layered pink-and-white wavy hem and a fluffy trimming on top, with a sheath skirt, and white high-heel shoes.

Lisa Lionheart

Main article: Lisa Lionheart

Lisa and Stacy Lovell team up to create a rival "Lisa Lionheart" doll to try to stop the production of Malibu Stacy and to act as a better women's role model. The doll, which says several intelligent sayings, is only bought by one girl at the end of the episode.


  • Belgian indie rock band Malibu Stacy took the name from the doll.