Marge Simpson in: "Screaming Yellow Honkers"
Make Room for Lisa
Maximum Homerdrive
Announcer: That was "The Safety Dance" by Men Without Hats, or as they're known today... Men Without Jobs.

Hippie Lady: But the I Ching said I had six months till bankruptcy.
Repo Man: Hey, channel somebody who gives a damn!

(Marge is listening in)
Moe: Lenny, how are you doing? This is Moe. I've got some class three gossip here.
Lenny: Well, dish!
Moe: Groundskeeper Willie … you know, the guy in the skirt? Bought himself a mail-order bride. But he's too cheap to pay the C. O. D., right? So she's still in a crate down at the post office. Wanna go look-see?
Marge: Ooh, this sounds juicy.

Dr. Hibbert: Lisa, I'm afraid your tummy ache may be caused by stress.
Homer : Well, that's a relief.
Dr. Hibbert: Heh, yeah. Anyway, when it comes to stress, I believe laughter is the best medicine. You know, before I learned to chuckle mindlessly, I was headed for an early grave myself. (chuckles)
Homer: Give it a try, honey.
(Lisa tries to chuckle)
Dr. Hibbert: Oh, now you call that chuckling? Come on, child, force it.
Lisa: I'm really not the chuckling type.
Homer: It's true. I'm always making clever noises, and she never chuckles at 'em.

Hippie Lady: Namaste.
Homer: And a-ooga-booga to you too.
Hippie Lady: May I tell you about our white-light specials?
Homer: Absolutely not. My little girl's tummy hurts. Do you have anything to stop her complaining?
Lisa: (angrily) Dad!

Lisa: I can't believe you did this, dad. Why didn't you put that thing in your room?
Homer: Hmm, that thought never occurred to me. Funny how your mind works in a crisis.

Homer: Ah no. No freezing.
Owner: No, Mr. Simpson. This is a sensory deprivation tank. It blocks out all the external distractions that bombard our souls.
Homer: Can you pee in it?
Lisa: I'll take two hours!
Homer: Me too.

Owner: You're about to take a journey into the mind. You may see and experience things that are strange and frightening. But remember, they can't physically harm you, though they may destroy you mentally.

Lisa: Dad, I still don't understand how you could just give my room away.
Homer: Honey, what's your favorite movie?
Lisa: Well, until you taped over it, "The Little Mermaid".
Homer: That's right. "The Odd Couple". Meet your new, comically mismatched roommate- Bart.
Bart: I'm going to make your life a living hell. 
Lisa: Ohh...
(Homer hums "Odd Couple" theme, shoves Lisa into the room and runs away)

Lisa: Mom, what's happening?
Marge: I'm sorry, honey, but we're renting your room to a satellite network until your father can pay for the destruction of a priceless artifact. Boy, I never thought I'd have to say that again.

Homer: Come on, Lisa. Try and see this from the Omnitouch Corporation's point of view.

Homer: (To Bart) This is all your fault for trading away your turn! Just for that, no dessert tonight!
Bart: (To Lisa) Trade you my next turn for your dessert.
Lisa: Deal.
Homer: D'oh!

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