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[Maggie and her friends are sitting at a table in the kitchen wearing party hats. Homer pulls a tub of Butterfinger Ice-Cream Nuggets out of the freezer. Bart is sitting eating some ice-cream nuggets, and Marge is ironing. Maggie's two friends are blowing party horns.]
Homer: Ooh, I think you kids would like some of these new Butterfinger Ice-Cream Nuggets.
Bart: They sure would have.
Homer: Would have -- ? [Homer checks the inside of the tub] D'oh!
[Cut to Butterfinger Ice-Cream Nuggets sequence.]
Announcer: Crispity crunchity outside, creamy ice cream inside.
[Maggie and her friends reach for Bart's Ice-Cream Nugget, while the two friends blow party horns.]
Bart: Nobody better lay a finger on my Butterfinger!
[Cut to a screen with the Butterfinger Ice-Cream Nuggets. The words "Nobody better lay a finger on my Butterfinger!" appear below the Butterfinger Ice-Cream Nuggets. The screen fades out.]

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