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Mabeline Simpson
Mabel Simpson
Sex Female
Status Deceased
Hair Tall blue beehive
Occupation Homemaker
Relatives Ex-Husband: Hiram Simpson

Husband: Virgil Simpson
Daughter: Eliza Simpson
Son: Abraham Simpson I
Son-in-Law: Milford Van Houten
Daughter-in-Law: Gabby Crouse
Grandchildren: "Old Tut" Simpson, Lou Simpson and Hugo Simpson I
Step-Grandchildren: Gaston and Dulcine Simpson
Great-Grandchildren: Orville Simpson, Bonita Simpson, Elrita Simpson, Twitta Simpson, Boris Simpson, Echardt Simpson, Bob Simpson and Twyla Simpson
Great Great Grandchildren: Abraham Simpson II, Bill Simpson, Cyrus Simpson, Chet Simpson, Tyrone Simpson Hubert Simpson, Verna Simpson, Vern Simpson, Echardt Simpson II and Lotus Simpson
Great Great Great Grandchildren: Homer Simpson, Herbert Powell and Abbie
Great Great Great Great Grandchildren: Bart Simpson, Hugo Simpson II (non-canon), Lisa Simpson and Maggie Simpson

First Appearance "The Color Yellow"
Voiced By Julie Kavner

Mabeline Simpson is an ancestor of the Simpson family and the great-great-great grandmother of Homer Simpson. Mabel's first husband was Hiram Simpson (with whom she had one child, Eliza) and her second husband was Virgil (with whom she had another child, Abraham). She is also an ancestor of the Van Houten Family through Eliza's marriage to Milford Van Houten.

She and her family worked with the underground railroad, but when her husband Hiram betrayed their activities to the slaveowning Colonel Burns, she fled with the runaway slave Virgil to Canada, meeting Abraham Lincoln along the way, who offered that she cover her conspicuous hair with his stovepipe top hat. Later, she legally divorced Hiram and married Virgil, who had proposed to her on a bridge marking the border between the United States and Canada. Virgil took the surname "Simpson." Mabel and Virgil had one known child, Abraham, whom they presumably named after Abraham Lincoln and who himself is the presumed namesake of Abe "Grampa" Simpson, Mabel's great-great grandchild. She is identical to Marge, which is strange, because Marge was not a Simpson for the start of her life, so it doesn't make much sense.


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