Mable's Table: A Cookbook is a cookbook written by Mabel Simpson.


While looking for any books about Eliza Simpson at the Old Springfield Library, a librarian Martha lent a cookbook by Mable Simpson to Marge and Lisa. They read a few recipes there and Marge finally found the end of the story of Eliza and her help to Colonel Burns' slave Virgil to escape.

Recipes in the book

  • Pork Butt in Cream
  • Snout-Fried Neck
  • Frog-Haunch
  • Hooves Au Jus
  • Possum Pouch Pie
  • Virgil Simpson's 'cakes'



(below all text is in a footnote in the book)
Many years ago, my daughter, Eliza, brought a runaway slave, Virgil, to the house. The patrollers were too fast for Eliza and Virgil. Luckily, they chanced upon a traveling circus... they were helped by a crusty, old clown.

Anyway, I was very proud of Eliza, but my husband Hiram had not quite caught abolition fever.

After the patrollers left, the circus clown made the following comment, which suggests an unusual aptitude for predicting twenty-first century currency values: "Why do I always ask for a nickel? That's like twenty bucks in 2010 money." It may have been intended as humorous, although my daughter didn't mention anyone laughing. This clown seemed to say many things that were humorous to him, but not to those around him, nor to me. But since my daughter repeated them all, I thought I would record them here. Enjoy them, people of the future!