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Luigi Risotto, real name Lothar Folkman is the proprietor of Luigi's.


A cooking prodigy, Lothar Folkman opened his Italian restaurant in Springfield to critical success, but empty seats. No one wanted to eat Italian food prepared by someone named Lothar. But a fake Italian accent, name change, and makeover later, and his eatery was packed every night. Unfortunately, the charade has driven Luigi into a love/hate relationship with his customers that occasionally bubbles to the surface like tomato sauce in a pot that's one size too small.

Luigi owns an Italian restaurant in Springfield, that serves average Italian food. Luigi often treats his customers rudely, insulting and belittling them; at times under his breath, at other times in a conversational tone, and sometimes shouting the slurs to the (unseen) chef Salvatore. Luigi seems to have some connections to the mafia. Local gangster Fat Tony is a frequent customer at his restaurant, despite the fact that he was one of the targets of Fat Tony's plan to get rid of all other food retailers except Marge's.[1] He does not actually speak Italian, only "fractured English" with a strong Italian accent, as did his parents. He says the phrase, "I guarantee," a lot.

Luigi may be an illegal immigrant because he disappeared during an immigration officer's introduction at Luigi's restaurant and took the citizenship exam with Apu.[2]

When Homer was a food critic, he gave Luigi's eatery a poor review; in retaliation, Luigi hired a friend to place a horse's head in Homer's bed (a reference to The Godfather). Homer subsequently ate the head and gave it a bad review.[3]

His one on-screen companion is Giuseppe the monkey.

Finding Truffle?

He can play accordion.


Luigi's real hair.

In The Simpsons: Tapped Out (app for Android and iOS), Luigi has a slip of his tongue and reveals his true accent is British. He quickly realizes his mistake and returns to his Italian.

Behind the Laughter

Luigi is a parody of the "Italian pasta/pizza chef" stereotype, but seems to be aware of his status as a stock character. His surname is a reference to the Italian food risotto. He also seems to be a parody of Tony ("Lady and the Tramp") He also sounds like the Mario brothers.


Luigi Risotto
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