You Don't Have to Live Like a Referee
Days of Future Future

Cultural references

  • The couch gag is a reference to the video game Minecraft. Also, Moe is green and blows up near the end similar to a Creeper.
  • When Moe sees how effective his news drinking game is, he smiles in same manner as the Grinch from the How the Grinch Stole Christmas! TV special and the rat wears a make-shift antler, same as Max, his dog.
  • The scene where Homer is sleepwalking is a reference to Bizkit the sleepwalking dog.
  • The quote by Skinner "Skate, skate as fast as you can, but I'll catch you I'm the Principal man" is a reference to the Gingerbread Man. 
  • The scene on the myPad with the bubble game called Alaxies is a reference to game Osmos. 
  • In the scene where Chief Wiggum plans to execute Snake, Officer Lou attempts to assemble an electric chair made by IKILLYA, which is a parody of the Swedish furniture maker IKEA. 
  • The PlayStadium4 is a parody of the PlayStation 4. 
  • The name of this episode is possibly a reference to the series Vega$.



  • In his first scene, Lucas eats two thirds of a pizza. After he greets Lisa, more than half is left.
  • In the scene where Homer calls Lisa to ask her out on a date, when he starts calling Lenny says "Oh my god" and swivels around on his barstool. However, the barstool is not the type that swivels.
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