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Cultural references Edit

  • After Homer has a nightmare with three pop culture references to parental abuse in the media, but Homer is the abused victim and Bart is the abuser:
  1. Homer is a young Michael Jackson in the Jackson Five. Michael's brothers usual resembles Pakistan children. When Bart is Joe Jackson, Michael's father. The Jacksons wouldn't be other Jacksons made a cameo in Disney film, The Tigger Movie.
  2. A scene from the 1979 film The Great Santini directed by Lewis John Carlino, where Bart is Wilbur Meechum and Homer is Ben.
  3. A parody of the 2009 film Precious, inspired by Sapphire's Push, with Bart as Mary and Homer as Precious.
  • When the dream finishes Homer exclaims "No, no Star Wars parodies!", a nod to the parodies of the Star Wars films done by the Simpsons' fellow FOX animation Family Guy.
  • In the Springfield Atoms game the stadium makes a reference to the Cowboys Stadium.
  • Homer tries to shoot Mr Burns, he makes reference to the rituals performed by Private Jackson from Saving Private Ryan before he takes a shot.
  • The Alice Cooper song "No More, Mr. Nice Guy" is playing as Homer first starts to get strangled.
  • After Bart pees himself when the screen shows the words, "Got urine?", it makes a reference to "got milk?"

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