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Cultural references Edit

The episode title is a pun on the song "Love is a Many-Splendored Thing" based on the Academy Award winning film.

After Homer has a nightmare with three pop culture references to parental abuse in the media, but Homer is the abused victim and Bart is the abuser:

  1. Homer is a young Michael Jackson in the Jackson Five. Michael's brothers usual resembles Pakistan children. When Bart is Joe Jackson, Michael's father. The Jacksons wouldn't be other Jacksons made a cameo in Disney film, The Tigger Movie.
  2. A scene from the 1979 film The Great Santini directed by Lewis John Carlino, where Bart is Wilbur Meechum and Homer is Ben.
  3. A parody of the 2009 film Precious, inspired by Sapphire's Push, with Bart as Mary and Homer as Precious.

When the dream finishes Homer exclaims "No, no Star Wars parodies!", a nod to the parodies of the Star Wars films done by the Simpsons' fellow FOX animation Family Guy.

In the Springfield Atoms game the stadium makes a reference to the Cowboys Stadium.

Homer tries to shoot Mr Burns, he makes reference to the rituals performed by Private Jackson from Saving Private Ryan before he takes a shot.

The Alice Cooper song "No More, Mr. Nice Guy" is playing as Homer first starts to get strangled.

After Bart pees himself when the screen shows the words, "Got urine?", it makes a reference to "got milk?"

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