Changing of the Guardian
Love is a Many-Splintered Thing
Hardly Kirk-ing
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Bart: Everything I know about women can be summed up by a jump-rope rhyme: "Girls go to Mars to buy candy bars, boys go to Jupiter to get more stupider." Except I didn't have to go to Jupiter to get stupider.

Bart: And then I ran right home to you.
Milhouse: You did everything great, Bart. Then you told me all about it like a true gentleman. I can't wait to use your moves on Lisa.
Lisa: Ew! On every level, ew! Bart, you have to treat girls like they matter, not like they're a bunch of Milhice. What? It's the plural of Milhouse. Look it up.
Homer: Listen to your sister, boy.
Lisa: What I'm saying applies to you, too, Dad.
Homer: What are you talkin' about? Marge and I are goin' great.
Marge: Homer Simpson! Did you take Maggie to Moe's?
Homer: It was during Happy Hour. Don't you want our baby to be happy?

Mary: Bart Simpson, you get out of that gosh-darned fugue state this instant. Lift my spirits!
Bart: Um... lifting people's spirits is an interesting topic. For centuries, Neanderthal and astronaut alike have enjoyed lifting spirits.
Mary: You're givin' me book report talk.

Mary: Bart, you're a good duck, but we wouldn't last.
Bart: But I'm the main guy in this story. Things are supposed to work out for me.
Brazilian Record Producer's Son: Todo mundo é o cara principal em sua própria história. Meu amigo, bem-vindo à minha história.
(Everyone is the main guy in their own story. My friend, welcome to my story.)

Woody Allen: Well done, Bart. You played that like a combination of Willie Mays and Paul Cézanne.
Bart: Who are you?
Woody Allen: I... you know, I-I played the ant in Antz, the lesser known of the ant movies.
Bart: Oh, yeah.

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