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Cultural References


  • Ironically, the first and third real love stories in this episode end up tragically. Bonnie and Clyde were ambushed in 1934, as shown in the episode, and Sid Vicious murdered Nancy Spungen in 1978 and possibly commited suicide years later.
  • Nancy was not a model student when she met Sid Vicious. She was actually a rebelious teenager that ran away from home and moved to New York, meeting him in a show.
  • Paul Cook (Dolph) refers to Sid Vicious as Sidney Sheldon Vicious, but his real name was John Simon Ritchie.
  • This is the first episode in a row where a character (Bart/Nancy) orders another character to do something (Skinner to go knitting/Sid to bang his head against a wall) and they obey, claiming that they are only doing it because they want to.

Differences from Lady and the Tramp

  • In the second segment, Vamp is blue (like Marge's hair), unlike the movie, where she is tan. Also, her collar is red (similar to Marge's red pearls) instead of blue.
  • Vamp doesn't go to the pound, unlike the puppies. Also, in the movie, Lady was in the pound wearing her license and was not going to be put to sleep.
  • Vamp has eleven puppies, unlike the movie, where Lady had only four: Annette, Danielle, Coliette, and Scamp (three girls and one boy).
  • In the segment, Shady doesn't have many girlfriends, thus only having one: Vamp. But, in the movie, Tramp has about seven or eight girlfriends before Lady, including: Lulu, Trixie, Fifi, Rosetta, Sequita, Sewawa (or Pedro thinks that Rosetta, Sequita, and Sewawa were his girlfriends) and Peg (implied). It's implied that they are strays, as Tony said that Tramp should settle down with Lady.
  • The Selma and Patty siamese cats seem to live with Vamp in the segment. However, in the movie, they only appear as Aunt Sarah's cats as she is in charge of Lady, the house, and baby Jim Jr. while Jim and Darling were away.
  • Jock and Trusty appear as Shady's friends, unlike Lady's. However, the dogs in the segment aren't wearing collars, making them strays.
  • The Moe dog that looks like Bull is black instead of light brown.
  • A Peg dog doesn't appear in the pound. It only appears in a cameo as an Edna-like dog and only for a split second.
  • There are no humans in the segment, possibly to maintain the dog's perspective.
  • The Moe dog doesn't appear in the pound, while in the movie, Bull is in the same cage with Lady, Peg, Boris, Pedro, and an unnamed dog.
  • The spaghetti scene is parodied but instead of them kissing through a noodle, Vamp's head gets sucked up into Shady's body.
  • There are about five other type of animals eating dinner at the restaurant, while in the movie, only Lady and Tramp only have the dinner, as Lady is a Cocker Spaniel and not a stray.
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