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Och, back to the loch wi' ye, Nessie!
Groundskeeper Willie[src]

The Loch Ness Monster, nicknamed Nessie, was a fabled creature said to exist in Loch Ness, Scotland. Mr. Burns wanted to find the creature in order to become popular. Burns, along with Homer, Willie and Professor Frink, find Nessie after Frink drains the loch. Mr. Burns and Nessie have a battle off camera and apparently during the fight Nessie swallowed Burns but he still managed to capture the beast, although it is never revealed exactly how he did it. Burns later puts her on display as the 9th Wonder of the World (a la King Kong) and she likes the attention. However, Mr. Burns does not like the flashing camera bulbs and accidentally destroys the stage. She shows affection towards Homer and Mr. Burns, so Mr. Burns allows her to work in Mr. Burns' Casino.


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