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"Little Lisa's Recycling Plant" was a recycling plant owned by Lisa and Mr. Burns. Mr. Burns invested in this to earn back his money when he lost his fortune in the season 8 episode The Old Man and the Lisa. The plant itself was made completely out of recycled material, the windows were made out of used liquor bottles (which Barney Gumble seems to enjoy licking). The plant horrified Lisa as the produce it made, Little Lisa Slurry, was made by harvesting all sea life from the ocean using a net of plastic bottle holders and grinding it up. The slurry is then sold to farms as pig food. Mr. Burns sold the plant on for $120 million and offered Lisa $12 million for helping him out but Lisa refused this offer. A barrel of Lisa Slurry was later seen on the ocean floor from the glass bottom boat in season 9 episode Bart Carny

Little Lisas Recycling Plant Tapped out

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