The Sweetest Apu
Little Girl in the Big Ten
The Frying Game
Ralph: Why do people run from me? (urinates on himself)

Kearney: Give me your lunch money.
Wendell: But it's after lunch!
Kearney: It's just an expression. Like, kick your butt could involve no kicking whatsoever.

Lugash: (to gymnast) For next exercise, put hands on hips, jump out window and go tell parents to STOP WASTING MY TIME WITH FAILURE CHILD!!!

Marge: (about Bart) I knew it was serious when he said he didn't want ice cream!
Bart: I did want ice cream.
Marge: Well, your father ate it all.

Ralph: (after Lisa falls asleep) You're like my mommy after her box of wine.

Lugash: You girls were great! Cats back for everyone!
Tina: I had a dog.
Lugash: Is cat now!

Janey: We're gonna roll down this hill.
Lisa: Can I come?
Milhouse: I don't know. Are you sure you're not too college for us?
(Rolls down)
Janey: Yeah, sorry we can't be too college! (Rolls down)
(Ralph stares blankly and rolls down with no comment.)
Nelson: Hey, Einstein. What's a million plus a million?
Lisa: Two million.
Nelson: So? (Rolls down)

Homer: I was trying to throw Bart over the roof and he got stuck in this tree. Marge, where's my pellet gun?
Marge: In the tree!

Gracie Films Logo: Shh!
Lisa: Ich bin ein Gymnast.

(Lisa enters in a car with the college students)
Ralph: See you tomorrow, Lisa! We'll find out what five minus three is! (the college students stare at Lisa)
Lisa: I'm a teacher's aid in a very special class...
Ralph: No Lisa, We're both in... (Lisa steps in the car's gas pedal)
Lisa: Go! Go! Go! (the car accelerates and they leave Ralph behind)
Ralph: Why do people run from me? (wet his pants)

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