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Title screen

One of the title screen gags

When The Simpsons Opening Sequence was reanimated for its conversion to high definition in 2009, initially, during the screen showing the title, only one gag was used: a three-eyed crow would fly by it. Starting with Season 21, the gag would become a changing gag for each episode just like the billboard gags, the chalkboard gags, and the couch gags. There is also a title screen gag in the movie.

Season 21

# Gag Picture Episode Name Code
1 A three-eyed crow flies by. TheSimpsonsTitleHDCrow Homer the Whopper LABF13
2 Shary Bobbins flies across the screen with her magic umbrella. Sharry Bart Gets a "Z" LABF15
3 A stork flies by carrying Maggie. Mag The Great Wife Hope LABF16
4 None. Treehouse of Horror XX LABF14
5 Homer flies by lying on a lawn chair with balloons. Homr87 The Devil Wears Nada LABF17
6 Repeat of gag from LABF15. Sharry Pranks and Greens LABF18
7 Repeat of gag from LABF16. Mag Rednecks and Broomsticks LABF19
8 Repeat of gag from LABF17. Homr87 O Brother, Where Bart Thou? MABF01
9 Instead of the usual music of the choir singing "The Simpsons," the "Miss Gulch/Wicked Witch of the West" theme from the 1939 film The Wizard of Oz is heard as Agnes Skinner rides her bicycle across the title. Agness is lesbian Thursdays with Abie "Agnes" MABF02
10 Ralph flies by hanging onto a kite. Ralph gaynes 90876 Once Upon a Time in Springfield "Ralph" LABF20
11 Plopper web slings across the screen a la Spider-Man. Spider fat piglet Million Dollar Maybe "Spider-Pig" MABF03
12 The Simpsons fly by riding in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. Simpsons are happy8 Boy Meets Curl "Chitty Chitty Bang Bang" MABF05
13 Repeat of gag from MABF02, only this time the choir singing "The Simpsons" is heard as well as the "Miss Gulch/Wicked Witch of the West" theme. Agness is lesbian The Color Yellow MABF06
14 Repeat of first HD gag. Crow is failed Postcards From the Wedge MABF04
15 Radioactive Man and Fallout Boy fly across. Shanging world ware 4 Stealing First Base "Radioactive Man & Fallout Boy!" MABF07
16 Repeat of gag from LABF20. Ralph gaynes 90876 The Greatest Story Ever D'ohed MABF10
17 Captain Lance Murdock drives by on his motorbike and shouts "Yeehaw!" Moto murdock 76 American History X-cellent ""Yeehaw!"" MABF08
18 Kang and Kodos fly by in a flying saucer laughing. Kang is actually kodos Chief of Hearts "Kang & Kodos MABF09
19 The title crashes into a Fox network satellite. Fox hole The Squirt and the Whale "FOX" MABF14
20 None. To Surveil With Love MABF12
21 Bumblebee Man flies across the screen. Bublebee mans Moe Letter Blues "Bumblebee" MABF13
22 Krusty the Clown and Sideshow Mel perform a trapeze act. Mel is pretty pen The Bob Next Door "Entertainment" MABF11
23 Ned Flanders, as an angel, flies across the screen. Ned as an angel in the title sequence Judge Me Tender "Angel Flanders" MABF15

Season 22

# Gag Picture Episode Name Code
1 Otto Drives the school bus in the air in a hallucination like fashion. Otto is a drug addict Elementary School Musical MABF21
2 A blimp with Mr. Burns' picture on it flies by. Mr burns i hate you Loan-a Lisa MABF17

Season 23

# Gag Picture Episode Name Code
1 Otto Mann slides down a rainbow shouting "Woh!" The Falcon and the D'ohman
2 Arnie Pye in a helicopter yells, 'The Simpsons! What?' and falls out. Bart Stops to Smell the Roosevelts
3 None Treehouse of Horror XXII
4 Groundskeeper Willie flies using a leaf blower. Replaceable You
5 None The Food Wife
6 None The Book Job
7 Krusty and Mel on a trapeze. Krusty says "Hey hey" and Mel falls off, screaming. The Man in the Blue Flannel Pants
8 Bumblebee Man is chased by a swarm of bees. The Ten-Per-Cent Solution
9 Either Kang or Kodos rides across the screen in Santa's sleigh. Holidays of Future Passed
10 Maggie, representing the new year (2012), parachutes gently toward the ground, while Grampa, who represents 2011, is carried away by a gust of wind. Politically Inept, with Homer Simpson

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