Throughout the series, the Tracey Ullman shorts have been referenced.


  • "Children of a Lesser Clod"
    • When Homer is putting the kids in the back of a police car, Ralph asks "Where are we going?", to which Homer replies by saying to get some frosty chocolate milkshakes.
  • "Gump Roast"
    • During the song "They'll Never Stop The Simpsons", Ullman shorts is one of the lines.
  • "How I Wet Your Mother"
    • In one of the dream sequences, an Ullman-style Simpson family go for family therapy.
  • "The Caper Chase"
    • When Homer arrives at Bourbon Verlander's private estate, he needs to get in only by speaking in his "Tracey Ullman-style" voice for voice identification.
      S28e19 237

      Homer speaking like his "Tracey Ullman" self in The Caper Chase

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