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This is a list of all the continuities in the series that have been broken.


Inaccurate Dates

In Episode 25 (Season 2, Episode 12, "The Way We Was") the Simpsons' television breaks down, Marge tells her children how she and Homer first met. Homer met with his guidance counselor who told him to apply for a job at the nuclear power plant that would be opening soon. However, in "The Blunder Year"", the fifth episode of the 13th season Homer is hypnotized  into thinking he is twelve years old again. As Homer starts to reminisce, he starts screaming incessantly all through the night.  The next day, Homer's co-workersLenny and Carl bring him home early from work, still screaming. They finally manage to calm him down with some Yaquitea. He starts to recall the events leading up to the scream-inducing incident. In a flashback, Homer, Lenny, and Carl are hiking in the woods and are confronted by a young Fat Tony, but they are saved by a young Moe.

Upon noticing that his bar was empty, the present-day Moe arrives at the Simpsons' home. Moe remembers that while they sat by a fire, they saw a near-meltdown at the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant. The next day, they go to the old quarry for a swim, and Homer jumps in, only to find that there was no water but only mud. Though Homer admits that he remembers falling into the mud, he also recalls that there was no water in the quarry because something was blocking the inlet pipe. When Homer unblocks it, all the water came out and he finds a rotting corpse on top of his legs, causing him to scream incessantly.

Since Homer never told about his painful memory of the corpse to anyone, the Simpsons realise that it is still in the old quarry and decide to investigate. They go to the old quarry where they meet Chief Wiggum, who comes with them. Marge uses Burly paper towels to drain the water from the quarry. Then, they find the body, now a skeleton, and go into the inlet pipe to see where the body came from. They find that the pipe leads to a hatch which, in turn, leads to Mr. Burns's office in the nuclear power plant. They confront him about the body after he accidentally says 'corpse hatch' once they opened the hatch. Knowing that this would come, Burns confesses to them that the dead man is Smithers' father, Waylon Smithers Senior. However, Burns swore that he did not murder him, and to prove his point, he shows an old surveillance tape, filmed during the 1960s when Smithers' father goes into an unstable reactor core to prevent an imminent meltdown that would destroy the city.

This plot infers that the nuclear power plant had opened long before Homer's high school graduation in 1974.

Continuities Regarding Characters

This section is for character back-story events that conflict with other events mentioned in previous episodes.

Simpson Family

  • In "Much Apu About Nothing", as Lisa mentions that the Simpson family were original immigrants, Abe recalls how his family originally lived in the unnamed "Old Country" and eventually moved into the Statue of Liberty.
  • In "The Blunder Years", Homer recalls his child years at the age of 12, which took place "30 years ago". This implies that he is 42.
  • In "Angry Dad: The Movie", Bart mentions that he watch the early episodes of SpongeBob SquarePants as a toddler, a show that debuted 10 years after the debut of the Simpsons series. This story is set in 2011.
  • In "Kill the Alligator and Run", the Simpsons were banned from Florida, as well as every other state other than Arizona and North Carolina. However, in later episodes, the Simpsons have been to many other states such as Delaware[1], Missouri[2], Washington D.C.[3], New Jersey[4], California[5], New York[6], Nevada[7], Oregon[8], Vermont[9], Illinois[10], Utah[11], as well as Florida[12], twice after Season 12.
  • In "Bart Gets an "F"", Bart claims that the Simpsons have never had a family meeting before, but they did in "There's No Disgrace Like Home".
  • In "The War of the Simpsons", Homer mentions "that big bash we had with all the champagne and musicians and holy men and everything", while Marge points out that it was their wedding. However, in "I Married Marge", Homer was only able to afford a shotgun marriage (upon finding out the Marge was pregnant).
  • In "Please Homer, Don't Hammer 'Em", Bart is supposed to be allergic to shrimp. However, in "The Frying Game", he says that he ate shrimp in the studio.
  • In "Hello Gutter, Hello Fadder", Homer wears his old Pin-Pals shirt in one scene. However, in "Homer's Phobia" John is wearing Homer's Pin Pals shirt and states that someone (Marge) gave it to Goodwill.
  • In "The Wandering Juvie", Bart and Gina Vendetti become friends. However, in "Moonshine River", Gina is about to hit Bart angrily without any reasons, in contrast with other Bart's girlfriends.
  • In "Bart Carny", Spud says that Lisa's eyes are blue. However, Milhouse once mentions her eyes are gray. It's possible that either Spud or Milhouse are colorblind.
  • In "Homer's Enemy", Homer says Lisa's IQ is 156. However, Lisa says that her IQ is 167 in "They Saved Lisa's Brain" and 159 in "Smart and Smarter".
  • In "Homer's Enemy", Frank Grimes asks how Homer even got his job, and Carl (and Lenny) say that he turned up on the opening of the plant and got hired. However, in "The Blunder Years", when Homer is distressed about seeing a body in the old quarry, you can see the Nuclear plant in the background. This was when Homer was only 12.

Flanders Family

  • In "Lisa's First Word", Ned and Maude first introduce themselves to the Simpsons when they move to Evergreen Terrace.
  • In "Lisa the Vegetarian" and "The Bob Next Door", it is shown that Ned's other relatives use the same nonsensical talk as he does.
  • In "Hurricane Neddy", it is revealed that Ned's parents sent him to see Dr. Foster 30 years ago for anger treatment, when Ned was a child, he should have been 30. It is also revealed that treatment also resulted in his trademark nonsensical jabbering.
  • In "Viva Ned Flanders", Ned Flanders reveals that he is 60 years old.
  • In "Dangerous Curves", Homer and Marge in their dating years first meet Ned and Maude, who just got married. This takes place 20 years earlier.

Mr. Burns

  • In "Burns' Heir", when Mr. Burns' life flashes before his eyes, we see a brief flash back of him as a baby, who fires his nanny.
  • In "Rosebud", Mr. Burns grew up in a poor family as child, until a twisted, loveless billionaire came by and offered him to come live with him. He was also related to George Burns.
  • In "Monty Can't Buy Me Love", Mr. Burns mentions that his first "gay" experience was when his father took him on a picnic at age 6.
  • In "Them, Robot", Marge comments that Mr. Burns was originally a nice man when he first came to Springfield.

Waylon Smithers

Clancy Wiggum

  • In "Mother Simpson" (aired in 1995), Wiggum appears to be 16 in a flashback to 1969. It means he is 42 in the present.
  • In "Weekend at Burnsie's" (aired in 2002), Wiggum appears as a young adult in a flashback to 1978. He would be probably 25 years old that time going by the timeline established in "Mother Simpson". He also appears to be much slimmer than when he was younger.
  • In "The Way We Weren't" (aired in 2004), Wiggum appears in a flashback set when Homer was 10. Wiggum seems to be almost Homer's age now, although there is at least 6-7 years of difference between them in the present.
  • In "Poppa's Got a Brand New Badge" (aired in 2002), Wiggum says he first got his job as a cop by someone handing the badge to "the first person he saw".

Spuckler Family

Terwilliger Family

  • In "The Italian Bob", Sideshow Bob moves to Italy when he marries Francesca Terwilliger and they have one son called Gino. When the Simpsons meet Bob in Italy, Gino can walk and speak very well, making him be at least 3 years old. Plus wedding and pregnancy, it means Bob spent at least 4 years in Italy. However, when he meet the Simpsons again, the family is still the same age as when Bob left the USA.

Carl Carlson

Moe Szyslak

  • In "Walking Big & Tall", Moe Szyslak walks on stage and rips off his bib and in the next frame it is back on his neck and gone again when they cut back to him again.