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This is a list of deleted scenes that appear in the DVD editions.

Season 1

The Crepes of Wrath

  • In an original commercial for the episode, two scenes in it are not featured in the episode, one where Bart woos some French dancers, and one where Bart stuffs chocolates into his mouth.

Season 3

Colonel Homer

  • Before Lurleen's performance at the recording studio, Bart and Lisa argue over country singers.

Season 4

Krusty Gets Kancelled

  • Krusty showing a book involving him doing different sexually explicit positions and him playing a person with hemorrhoids and after hemorrhoids.

Season 5

Treehouse of Horror IV

  • (The Devil and Homer Simpson) Homer's head being used as a bowling ball in Hell (and his head cracks open, revealing a note that reads, Dear Homer "I.O.U. One Brain. Signed, God"). which it would explain why Homer's head and body were separated when he was brought back to the mortal realm for the trial. Marge looks at the phone book for lawyers. Bart is trying to sell his soul to the Devil for a Formula-One race car, and changed his mind. Which Marge tells Bart to leave Satan alone. Lionel Hutz returned with a pizza box, believing that he lost the case. Then when Marge tells him they won, he reveals that the pizza box was all empty. (Bart Simpsons Dracula) Bart turns out to be a vampire and eats rats that are served by Marge.

Season 6

Treehouse of Horror V

  • Bart encountering Sherri and Terri as the ghosts of the previous caretaker's daughters, similar to Danny Torrance in The Shining. Bart is skateboarding in the halls, turns a corner, and sees Sherri and Terri, who sing, "Your Daddy's going to kill you!" Bart then skates down another hall and sees Patty and Selma, who tell him, "They're right, y'know." After Principal Skinner tasted the Grade F Meat liquid that spelt on Jimbo, Lunchlady Doris did as well. In another deleted scene involving an alternate Simpsons future, the Simpsons had a teenage son named Roy. In another deleted scene the Simpsons's house changes into various things, and one of the original designs was the house made entirely of squirrels. In another deleted scene Sherri and Terri are being served for lunch as "Terri-yaki with Sherri Sauce. In another deleted scene Homer regales Lisa about his dream of eating Milhouse.

Season 7

Who Shot Mr. Burns? (Part Two)

  • Alternate versions of who shot Burns. Several people include Barney, Tito Puente, Moe, Apu (with a automatic gun) and Santa's Little Helper (who holds the gun in his mouth).

Treehouse of Horror VI

  • (Attack of the 50 Foot Eyesores)" Kang and Kodos have a plan by using a giant devil to attack Springfield.

A Fish Called Selma

  • At Troy's bachelor party, Abe shows the patrons a film. The film is about the Heine-Ho Nudist colony where activities are done naked. Homer complains that it's just nude people and demands a film with mature themes and adult situations. Barney then agrees with Homer.

Season 8

You Only Move Twice

  • The Blue-Haired Lawyer appears as a potential buyer of the Simpsons House. He appears with a lot of cats and asks if the house has a cat door, and Marge replies no. After the Simpson family left Springfield, leaving Grandpa there, Marge told him about the Automated Robo Call Services that will call him every day to make sure he's okay, plus she says a robot will call him. When he's at the Springfield Retirement Castle the Automated Robo Call Services calls him.

Hurricane Neddy

  • Ned Flanders leaves after lashing out at all of the Springfield residents, including Homer Simpson after they crudely rebuild his house, but angrily says to Milhouse Van Houten, "WHAT ARE YOU LOOKING AT, FOUR-EYES?" and Milhouse responds, "But you have glasses, too."

Season 9

Treehouse of Horror VIII

  • In The Homega" Man Krusty was walking out of a stage door of his studio. He is making a reservation to a restaurant. He gets a static and the nuclear explosion passes by him and the studio leaving him dead.

Season 10

The Old Man and the "C" Student

  • Bart and Lisa had a dialogue in this episode. Their dialogue: Bart: But this place (Springfield Retirement Castle) is creepy it'll make you old before your time. Lisa replies, Bart Simpson you are a caution, I've got a good mind to take a hickory switch to your tail-bone.

Season 11

Hello Gutter, Hello Fadder

  • After Bart shows Homer he has a father figure in Nelson, Homer shows him that he can make a cootie-catcher from his flab. He consults the cootie-catcher who Bart likes better and is disappointed to know it's Nelson.

Grift of the Magi

  • When Bart and Milhouse were bored Milhouse suggested that they could explore Bart's parent's closet. Bart accepted the idea but told Milhouse that if it leads to Narnia, he's going out of there as "that place is for wussies".

Saddlesore Galactica

  • After the line in the song We are the Jockeys, "We sit on toadstool thrones next to a chocolate steam", Homer drinks the chocolate stream. He spits it out after hearing that the Jockeys bathe in it.

Season 12

Treehouse of Horror XI

  • In Scary Tales Can Come True, After the witch calls Homer a clumsy oaf he says he's no longer an oaf. 
  • In Night of the Dolphin (#1) Dr. Julius Hibbert is fighting with hypodermics. (#2) Moe Szyslak puts a gas tube down a dolphin's blow hole during the humans vs. dolphin war. (#3) Kent Brockman is talking about intelligent Italians on threat by the dolphins. (#4) Abraham Simpson bursts out of the dolphin and participating in the Springfield's battle against the dolphins.

Season 13

Treehouse of Horror XII

  • (House of Whacks) When Marge calls the Police, Chief Wiggum is having some trouble with the Robocops who want to know where their money went. They shoot Wiggum who gets under the table, he comes back up and gives them mechanic donuts.
  • (Wiz Kids) Lord Montymort and Slithers are plotting their scheme, and Lord Montymort feeds Slithers a rabbit  followed by a scene showing Bart combing his hair, while the other scene would show Groundskeeper Willie riding an enchanted lawn mower. and scolds at it, because it hovers above the grass instead of cutting it.

Season 14

Treehouse of Horror XIII

  • (The Island of Dr. Hibbert) After Homer (as a walrus) gives Marge (as a panther) a back scratch she coughs up a hair ball and Dr. Hibbert plans on changing the whole animals back into humans.

Season 15

Treehouse of Horror XIV

  • (Frinkenstein) When Professor Frink received the Nobel Prize, he thought that it was because of his ray that removes the clothes from TV stars and he showed Lisa a clip from The Beverly Hillbillies where he removed Elly May and Granny's clothes. In the scene Granny told May that she had some bad news, Jethro ate her monkey.

Season 16

Thank God It's Doomsday

  • A Puerto Rican hairdresser asks Lisa if she's got a boyfriend, to which she replies that she's got a crush on 'a third-grader who reads at a fifth-grade level'. The woman says that he 'sounds like school dance material'.

Season 17

The Girl Who Slept Too Little

  • A musical called Song of the Wild Beasts was cut out.

Season 18

Springfield Up

  • After Marge and Homer hugged. it featured Homer and Desmond singing a duet.

The Simpsons Movie

  • Russ Cargill's character has gone through many changes over the course of its development.
  • An alternate/deleted scene that was available on one of the trailers with Marge and Reverent Lovejoy were looking at the brief footage of Grandpa when he got his vision.
  • When Homer was in Alaska and wanted to find his family, he found a highway and hitched a ride with an unnamed truck driver for Delicious Sausages. He was taken in the back of the truck, where the sausages were. After Homer got to his destination, Springfield, he thanked the truck driver and he walked away and climbed up the mountain. Meanwhile, the truck driver was singing a song about sausages and then saw that the sausages were gone.
  • When the dome surrounded Springfield, he reported that there was no more weather so all of the crops were dying.
  • President Arnold Schwarzenegger originally had a Nickelodeon blimp on his desk.
  • Moe becomes an emperor when Springfield is covered up by the dome, Marge asks him how did he become one. Moe explains. He shows photos of how the citizen were. The people were a distopia, a utopia and then an ortopia. He says that there were many violent, crazy time, many have died, many have have been gone and many other's also died.
  • Everyone runs to the Department of Motor Vehicles and destroy everything there.

Season 24

Treehouse of Horror XXIII

  • ("The Greatest Story Ever Holed") The black hole sucks up Christmas decorations in the Simpsons' basement and the family "Oooh", impressed.
  • ("Bart and Homer's Excellent Adventure") Bart pulls his pants down in front of Artie Ziff. In another deleted scene the other Homers are wiped from existence and everything getting back to normal. Before Artie Ziff is wiped from existence too, seeing Homer and Marge kiss, he sadly begs Marge if he could kiss one more time, seconds before he disappears. As Homer and Marge finished their kiss, Marge is glad that it's back to the status quo, before a small second head pops up from Homer, telling him to ask Marge if she has a little sister.

Season 25


  • In a promotional video for this episode, Bart says, "A bag of poop, is not a deadly weapon"

Season 26

The Simpsons Guy

  • Peter makes another comic, that's intended to be offensive. A cutaway then shows his comic, being of a guy, waking up in his bed and saying "The tooth fairy left a quarter under my pillow and a doody in my pants."
  • The feminists throw a flaming trashcan is thrown through Peter's window.
  • Stewie sits in the car and comments on everything he sees as he passes by them.
  • Peter makes a comment about his car keys going missing. Instead of him acknowledging the fact that he can't drive his car without them, he says that the biggest problem with them being gone is the fact that he can't scratch his ball to his satisfaction.
  • Homer invites Peter to stay at his house.
  • Seamus and Sea Captain are sitting next to each other in court, and have a back and forth about their eye damage.
  • Dr. Hartman and Dr. Nick have back and forth, while sitting next to each other.

Clown in the Dumps

  • Homer is eating a huge meal while explaining to Lisa that he's not dying. Every time he mentions how long he will be living, Dr. Hibbert makes a discrete cough behind them and Homer makes a new estimate. During Hyman Krustofsky's funeral, Comic Book Guy says that it is the worst funeral that he ever live tweeted.

Season 27

Treehouse of Horror XXVI

  • In one of the Promo Images, Lisa was playing instruments with her telepathic powers with Homer and Bart watching.

Lisa the Veterinarian

  • There was a cut gag where a homeless man would ramble about peanut butter in front of a store.

Season 28

Treehouse of Horror XXVII

  • Scenes including Russ Cargill and Frank Grimes appear becoming a large ghost.

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