Seasons:   1-56-10
Simpsons Couch

The Simpsons sit on the couch

In many of the opening title sequence of The Simpsons, a couch gag occurs. Special couch gags are listed below. The lists of couch gags by season can be viewed by using the navigation to the right.

Couch gags within episodes

Sometimes there is a couch gag during the episode itself, usually during a spoof of the opening sequence.

Airdate Screenshot Gag Name Episode Code
October 7, 1993 CouchGagS05E02Parody01
During the "Thompsons" introduction, the family sits on the couch and a pile of fish falls from above. "Cape Feare"
"The Thompsons"
December 21, 1997 During5F07

After everybody of Springfield has taken all the stuff from them, The Simpsons walk to the place where the couch gags take place. In which Marge blurts out "Good Lord!"

"Miracle on Evergreen Terrace"
"No Couch"
May 21, 2000 DuringBABF19 In an "aborted" couch gag, the family sits wearing Western outfits; the director cuts the scene as Bart is busy on the phone agreeing to do Teen Wolf 3. Lisa complains that she wants to go to bed, asking if there are child labor laws. Homer asks if Marge told her about the laws, and Marge tells him to poop in his hat. Kang and Kodos then show up with useless ballet tickets, asking if they needed them that night. "Behind the Laughter"
"Aborted (1992)"
May 1, 2005 CouchGagS17Parody Instead of saying "The Simpsons", the announcer says "Three weeks later". Everyone except Bart sits; the overweight Bart arrives late and suffers a heart attack. "The Heartbroke Kid"
"Heart-attacked Bart"
February 19, 2012 CouchGagS23E14Parody01
The Simpsons move in to the Outlands, a fake opening begins as "The Outlands". Bart uses spray paint, not chalk. Instead of Bart running out of the school, he uses a motorcycle, and the following four sequences are removed completely. When Homer returns home, Lisa has a helicopter and Marge uses a carriage. A fox replaces the TV when the family sits down on the couch. "At Long Last Leave" PABF07