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Here's a list of the catchphrases in The Simpsons:

Homer Simpson

Bart Simpson

  • ¡Ay, caramba! (Used when surprised or scared)
  • Don't have a cow, man!
  • Ow! Quit It (Used when anyone touches or pokes, an injury he already had )
  • Eat My Shorts!
  • Hey, Ottoman!
  • Bitchin! (used during Season 2)
  • Get bent!

Marge Simpson

  • Hmmmm...

Lisa Simpson

  • If anyone needs me, I'll be in my room.
  • ljjj(used when Bart bullies Lisa)
  • I feel like a (famous second name).

Mr. Burns

Ned Flanders

  • Hi diddly-hey, neighbourino! (Used when greeting Marge or Homer)
  • Okiley-dokeily! (Used when Homer tells him to shut up)
  • Diddly!

Patty and Selma

  • (Groans)

Sea Captain

  • Yarr!

Krusty The Clown

  • Hey hey! Hoo hoo hoo ha-ha-ha!
  • Bye-bye Kids!
  • I didn't do it.
  • HEY! (Simpsons Tapped Out game)

Nelson Muntz

Superintendent Chalmers


Comic Book Guy