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The various Troy McClure films throughout the series.

You May Remember Troy McClure From Such Films As: Edit

Educational films and self help videos Edit

You might remember Troy McClure from such educational films and self-help videos as:

  • 60 Minutes of Car Crash Victims
  • Adjusting Your Self-O-Stat (with Brad Goodman)
  • Alice's Adventure through the Windshield Glass (ref. Lewis Carroll's Through the Looking-Glass, and What Alice Found There)
    repeated from perv section
  • Alice Doesn't Live Anymore (ref. Alice Doesn't Live Here Any More)
  • Birds: Our Fine Feathered Colleagues
  • The Decapitation of Larry Leadfoot
  • Designated Drivers: The Lifesaving Nerds
  • Dig Your Own Grave and Save
  • Earwigs, Ew!
  • Firecrackers: The Silent Killer
  • Fuzzy Bunny's Guide to You-Know-What (sex education film for children, shown in Springfield Elementary, the film shown was loosely based on Fritz the Cat)
  • Get Confident, Stupid!
  • The Half-Assed Approach to Foundation Repair
  • Here Comes the Metric System
  • Lead Paint: Delicious But Deadly
  • Locker Room Towel Fights: The Blinding of Larry Driscoll
  • Man Versus Nature: The Road To Victory
  • Meat and You – Partners in Freedom (a Meat Council film, number 3F03, part of the "Resistance is Useless" series)
  • Mommy, What's Wrong With That Man's Face? (ref. The Man Without a Face)
  • Mothballing Your Battleship
  • Phony Tornado Alerts Reduce Readiness
  • Shoplifters: BEWARE
  • Smoke Yourself Thin
  • Someone's in the Kitchen with DNA! (ref. children's song "I've Been Working on the Railroad")
  • Two Minus Three Equals Negative Fun
  • Young Jebediah Springfield (A Watch-and-Learn Production)
  • Whoa! Don't Touch Me There

Television Edit

TV specials Edit

  • Alien Nose Job (ref. Alien autopsy)
  • Carnival of the Stars (ref. Circus of the Stars)
  • Five Fabulous Weeks of The Chevy Chase Show
  • Let's Save Tony Orlando's House
  • Out With Gout '88
  • The Miss American Girl Pageant
  • The Simpsons 138th Episode Spectacular
  • The Simpsons Spin-Off Showcase

TV series Edit

Cartoons Edit

Other Edit

Celebrity funerals Edit

Computer Travel Guides in Virtual Springfield: Edit

  • Hats Off to Fargo
  • Pinch Me, I'm in Boise
  • Duluth, It'll grow on you
  • Suddenly, Tulsa
  • Smother me in Shreveport
  • Living and Loving in Loebeck
  • Bredonia: Gateway to Witchita
  • Fairbanks Needs Women
  • Eeeny Meeny Miny Murfreesboro
  • Yuma, It's Senoirific

Video Tour Guides: Edit

  • Rancho Relaxo
  • Springfield Knowledgeum welcome video
  • Welcome to Springfield Airport (an information kiosk film)
  • Where's Nordstrom? (an information kiosk film)

Musicals Edit

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