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The following is a list of Radioactive Man comics.

  • Issue #1 "Created. A Hero!"
  • Issue #4 "The Amazing Radioactive Spider" and "The Thing in my Head!"
  • Issue #8 "Radioactive Man The Official Movie Adaptation"
  • Issue #9 - The first appearance of Fallout Boy
  • Issue #72 "To Betroth a Foe" - An imaginary tale where Radioactive Man marries Larva Girl
  • Issue #88 "The Molten Menace of Magmo The Lava Man"
  • Issue #99 "Planet of the Strange O's"
  • Issue #100 "Anomoly of the Automaton That Ran Amok!"
  • Issue #106 "The Hallucinations That Weren't Real"
  • Issue #136 "From Reinmania with Luv, Baby!"
  • Issue #160 "The Heroic Life and Mortifying Death of Radioactive Man"
  • Issue #216 "See No Evil, Hear No Evil!"
  • Issue #222 "No One Gets Over the Underground"
  • Issue #412 "In Ze Clutches of Dr. Crab!"
  • Issue #575 Don't Look Now, But It's 1984"
  • Issue #628 - Radioactive Man uses the sun as a weapon against the Cosmic Commander
  • Issue #679 "Who Washes the Washmen's Infinite Secrets of Legendary Crossover Knight Wars?"
  • Issue #1,000 "in his own IMAGE"

Comics Without Numbers

  • Radioactive Man vs. Captain Squid "My Co-Star, My Enemy!"
  • "Radioactive Man's Nuclear Winter Wonderland Absolute Zero"
  • "Mufelatto the Aliment Man"
  • "Commie Crisis" - Radioactive Man's ultra-rare team up with Chairman Mao

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