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Lisa's sax solo, as seen in the new HD Opening Sequence from Season 20

On occasion during the opening sequence, Lisa is often seen in her band class playing an improvised solo on the baritone saxophone much to Mr. Largo's annoyance. Mr. Largo sends her away, while still playing her saxophone. For a long time, Lisa's solos were provided by jazz baritone saxophonist Terry Harrington. The titles of the saxophone solos come In Seasons 1-3 it was colored a light blue and purple, then it was recolored gold.

Season 1


Original High-Pitched Season 1 Version

# Solo Episode Name


1 No solo Simpsons Roasting on an Open Fire 7G08
2 Main Theme (High) Bart the Genius 7G02
3 Same as 7G02 Homer's Odyssey 7G03
4 Same as 7G02 There's No Disgrace Like Home 7G04
5 No solo Bart the General 7G05
6 Same as 7G02 Moaning Lisa 7G06
7 Same as 7G02 The Call of the Simpsons 7G09
8 Same as 7G02 The Telltale Head 7G07
9 No solo Life on the Fast Lane 7G11
10 Same as 7G02 Homer's Night Out 7G10
11 Same as 7G02 The Crepes of Wrath 7G13
12 Same as 7G02 Krusty Gets Busted 7G12
13 Same as 7G02 Some Enchanted Evening 7G01

Season 2


Early Version From "Bart Gets an "F""


Redesigned Version from Seasons 2 to 20.

# Solo Episode Name Code Sound
1 Main Theme Bart Gets an "F" 7F03
2 Same as 7F03 Simpson and Delilah 7F02
3 No solo Treehouse of Horror 7F04
4 Same as 7F03 Two Cars in Every Garage and Three Eyes on Every Fish 7F01
5 Same as 7F03 Dancin' Homer 7F05
6 Same as 7F03 Dead Putting Society 7F08
7 Same as 7F03 Bart vs. Thanksgiving 7F07
8 Same as 7F03 Bart the Daredevil 7F06
9 Same as 7F03 Itchy & Scratchy & Marge 7F09
10 Same as 7F03 Bart Gets Hit by a Car 7F10
11 Main Theme, Variation #1 One Fish, Two Fish, Blowfish, Blue Fish 7F11
12 Same as 7F11 The Way We Was 7F12
13 Same as 7F03 Homer vs. Lisa and the 8th Commandment 7F13
14 Same as 7F11 Principal Charming 7F15
15 Same as 7F11 Oh Brother, Where Art Thou? 7F16
16 Same as 7F03 Bart's Dog Gets an F 7F14
17 Same as 7F03 Old Money 7F17
18 Same as 7F11 Brush with Greatness 7F18
19 No Solo Lisa's Substitute 7F19
20 Same as 7F03 The War of the Simpsons 7F20
21 Same as 7F03 Three Men and a Comic Book 7F21
22 Same as 7F03 Blood Feud 7F22

Season 3


Season 3 Sax Solo


Mr. Largo Pointing Lisa Out

# Solo Episode Name Code Sound
1 Main Theme, Variation #2 Stark Raving Dad 7F24
2 Downward Blues #1 Mr. Lisa Goes to Washington 8F01
3 Same as 7F03 When Flanders Failed 7F23
4 Slow Downward Blues Scale Bart the Murderer 8F03
5 Funk #1 Homer Defined 8F04
6 Downward Blues #2 Like Father, Like Clown 8F05
7 No solo Treehouse of Horror II 8F02
8 Same as 7F24 Lisa's Pony 8F06
9 Main Theme, Variation #3 Saturdays of Thunder 8F07
10 Same as 8F01 Flaming Moe's 8F08
11 Crazy Be-Bop Burns Verkaufen der Kraftwerk 8F09
12 Melodic Figure #1 I Married Marge 8F10
13 Melodic Figure #2 Radio Bart 8F11
14 No solo Lisa the Greek 8F12
15 Break Out Homer Alone 8F14
16 No solo Bart the Lover 8F16
17 Same as 8F03 Homer at the Bat 8F13
18 Same as 8F05 Separate Vocations 8F15
19 Same as 8F09 Dog of Death 8F17
20 Same as 8F07 Colonel Homer 8F19
21 Same as 8F10 Black Widower 8F20
22 Same as 8F11 The Otto Show 8F21
23 Same as 8F14 Bart's Friend Falls in Love 8F22
24 Same as 8F07 Brother, Can You Spare Two Dimes? 8F23

Season 4

Please note that starting in Season 4 until Season 10, no new solos were used. Starting in Season 21, the instrument Lisa plays varies from episode to episode.

# Solo Episode Name Code
1 Same as 8F11 Kamp Krusty 8F24
2 Same as 8F10 A Streetcar Named Marge 8F18
3 Same as 8F14 Homer the Heretic 9F01
4 Same as 8F09 Lisa the Beauty Queen 9F02
5 No solo Treehouse of Horror III 9F04
6 Same as 8F07 Itchy & Scratchy: The Movie 9F03
7 Same as 8F10 Marge Gets a Job 9F05
8 Same as 8F01 New Kid on the Block 9F06
9 Same as 8F09 Mr. Plow 9F07
10 Same as 8F11 Lisa's First Word 9F08
11 Same as 8F14 Homer's Triple Bypass 9F09
12 Same as 8F07 Marge vs. the Monorail 9F10
13 Same as 8F10 Selma's Choice 9F11
14 Same as 8F01 Brother from the Same Planet 9F12
15 Same as 8F11 I Love Lisa 9F13
16 Same as 8F05 Duffless 9F14
17 Same as 8F04 Last Exit to Springfield 9F15
18 Same as 8F07 So It's Come to This: A Simpsons Clip Show 9F17
19 Same as 8F11 The Front 9F16
20 Same as 8F03 Whacking Day 9F18
21 Same as 8F10 Marge in Chains 9F20
22 Same as 8F14 Krusty Gets Kancelled 9F19


Christmas Reshot Version


Lisa leaving the Classroom (Season 20 New HD Version)

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