The following is a list of instances in which a character is grounded:

Victim Episode Reason
Bart Simpson Bart's House of Weirdness (Video Game) Pulling too many pranks
Bart Simpson When Bongos Collide! Ruining the house
Bart Simpson Postcards From the Wedge Destroying Springfield Elementary and skipping school
Rod Flanders The Devil Wears Nada Watching a Grey's Anatomy commercial
Todd Flanders The Devil Wears Nada Not telling Ned that Rod watched a Grey's Anatomy commercial
Seymour Skinner Lisa's Rival Not telling his mom who was at the door
Bart Simpson Marge Be Not Proud Returning to a retail store he was banned from for stealing
Lisa Simpson The Marge-ian Chronicles Arguing with her mom
Bart Simpson Do the Bartman (Song) Smack talking
Milhouse The Good, the Sad and the Drugly Getting suspended