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This is a list of all existing board games with the theme of The Simpsons.

  • The Simpsons Mystery of Life
  • Don't have A Cow Dice Game
  • The Simpsons Board Game
  • The Simpsons 3-D Chess Set
  • The Simpsons 3-D Checkers Set
  • The Simpsons Cluedo / The Simpsons Clue / The Simpsons Clue Game Tin
  • The Simpsons Loser Takes All!
  • The Simpsons Horror Show
  • The Simpsons Totally Twisted
  • Simpsons Magic 8 Ball
  • Simpsons Chess Set
  • Simpsons Pictionary
  • Simpsons Checkers Set
  • The Simpsons Battle of the Sexes
  • Simpson's Jeopardy
  • The Game of Life The Simpsons Edition
  • Simpson's Don't Panic Game
  • Simpsons Talking Magic 8 Ball
  • The Itchy and Scratchy Board Game
  • The Simpsons Scrabble
  • The Simpsons Dartboard
  • The Simpsons Deluxe Poker Set
  • The Simpsons Chess Set Antiqued Metal Style
  • The Simpsons Guessing Game
  • The Simpsons Lost and Found!
  • Hungry Homer
  • The Simpson's Othello
  • The Simpson's Wheel of Fortune
  • The Simpsons Checkers & Tic Tac Toe
  • The Simpsons Duff Dice Game
  • SORRY! Simpsons Edition

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