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List of Bart's T-Shirt Phrases

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Goose Gladwell

Goose Gladwell holding one of Bart's t-shirts.

A list of Bart's t-shirt phrases from Fat Man and Little Boy.


  • Adults Suck, Then You Are One
  • Life Ends at Ten
  • Wake Me When It's Recess
  • I've Puked More Beer Than You've Drunk
  • I ♥ ♥ Attacks
  • Do not resuscitate
  • Think Globally, Fart Locally
  • My Other T-shirt is Also a Joke T-shirt
  • Weapon of Ass Destruction
  • Top of the Dude chain
  • Wish You Were Beer
  • Stop World Hunger, Eat My Shorts!
  • Sucking Sucks
  • Everything Sucks
  • America's least wanted
  • Bored in the USA
  • Pobody's Sherfect Nithead
  • Impeach Everybody
  • Get Bent
  • Proud Nubian Princess
  • I'm Not Fat, I'm Enormous
  • This Shirt Sucks
  • Don't Blame Me I Voted For Scooby-Doo
  • Stop Staring At My Man Boobs
  • Jews For Jebus
  • Body By Oreo
  • If You Can Read This The Backpack Fell Off
  • I'm Not Getting Older, I'm Getting Bitter
  • Don't Wake Me I'm Working
  • Rich Bitch

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