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Lisakaiah Barrows

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Lisakaiah Barrows
Sex Female
Status Fictional
Hair Blond
Relatives Father: Captain Mordecai Barrows
Mother: Temperance Barrows
Siblings: Bartabe Barrows and eight unnamed
First Appearance "Diatribe of a Mad Housewife"
Voiced By Yeardley Smith
This family hasn't seen whale meat for a one-month.
―Lisakaiah Barrows

Lisakaiah Barrows is an eight year old character from the book The Harpooned Heart by Marge. Lisakaiah is inspired from Lisa.


She lives with her siblings and parents, Captain Mordecai Barrows and Temperance Barrows, on Nantucket. She and her brother Bartabe Barrows are two of the three children who didn't die.


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