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Lisa the Tree Hugger (The Simpsons Game)
Mob Rules

Lisa Simpson

In certain parts of the level

  • Ah! My poor leafy friends!
  • Now that looks scary!
  • So, a smart sister built a path for the stupid brother!
  • You made them look like weeping willows!

Attacking enemies

  • Mother Earth is ashamed of you!
  • Meanies!
  • Tree killers!
  • Way to uproot these loggers!
  • You guys aren't sensitive at all!
  • I'm converting you into fertiliser!
  • Let's do this thing!
  • That's how you do it!
  • How do you like being chopped down?
  • Splendid, just splendid!
  • Not bad, Bart. Not bad at all.

Bart Simpson

In certain parts of the level

  • Way to protect the stupid trees!
  • Totally pruned his ass!
  • You snapped that guy like a twig!

Attacking enemies

  • If a logger falls in the forest, does everybody care?
  • Welcome to the jungle!
  • Loggers, come out and play!
  • You're 12lbs overweight!
  • Eat root!
  • Go kill whales!
  • Kiss my grass!
  • Next time, that logger will think twice about doing his job!
  • You smell worse than my dad!
  • It's good being a lumberjack, but not a logger!
  • Hard to saw when you're unconscious.
  • The one, the only, the Bartman!
  • Chop one up for El Barto!
  • I am strong like oak!
  • Timber!
  • Log this!
  • Why don't you make like a tree and get outta here!?



  • If you want to see volcanoes, you've got to go to a big island.
  • I reckon the planet is what we're all about.
  • Logger 1: My wife and I certainly did some logging last night. Heheheh.

Logger 2: Enough of your stink talk.

  • Logger 1: What's the difference between flan and creme brulee?

Logger 2: I cannot believe you just asked me that!

  • I blame this whole global warming thing on the Canadians.


  • Hedge kissers!
  • Man, I hate you!
  • Fresh meat!
  • Animal lovers!
  • You guys are jerks!
  • You're going down!
  • Trees equal money!
  • I hate children!
  • Stupid kids!
  • Let's stomp these kids!
  • Grass lickers!
  • Tree huggers!
  • Slice and dice!
  • Choppy choppy!
  • Little twerps!
  • Eat sawdust!
  • Crush! Kill! Destroy!
  • Chop kids, not chops!
  • Over there, I mean there!
  • It's choppin' time!
  • My beautiful physique!
  • Oh man, this is humiliating!
  • Liberal media!
  • Stop so I could kill you!

Waylon Smithers

  • Don't you just love Mr. Burns, uh, I mean mysterious leader?
  • You're making your leader very unhappy
  • This certainly is an eventful day.
  • Those men sure are glistening.
  • The plant smells great today.
  • Work is a privilege, not a right.
  • You know, fighting is a lot like dancing.
  • This factory really is a marvel.

Charles Montgomery Burns

  • The company is your friend.
  • A busy worker is a happy worker.
  • What's that? You don't want Christmas off? Well alright.
  • Ah, my plant is working perfectly.
  • Think less, produce more.
  • Pick up the pace, loyal workers.

Carl Carlson

  • Things like this never happened when Obama's president!
  • Before I die, I want a closed autopsy!
  • Is this the end of Carl Carlson?
  • Why did I let Lenny talk me out of going to yoga?
  • Help! Save us! Au secours!
  • Save me, big momma!
  • The palm reader warned me to stay away from conveyor belts.
  • I leave everything for the government!
  • Tell Lenny.... I loved... his recipe for lemon buns. (croaks)


  • I always hope if my spleen gums up the saw blades.
  • Stop! I haven't had my last meal. I want pea soup!
  • Somebody save us, I got a pie cooking class tonight!
  • I'll leave everything to Carl.
  • Take me but spare Carl!
  • Save me Lenny and my friend Carl!
  • My doctor said I'm not supposed to get sawed.

Tree Cutting Sequence

Lenny: Hey, that sounded like a Tree Swallow!
Carl: No, it sounded like a Yellow Crowned Heron.
(Buzzing sound)
Carl: My God! That sounds like a chainsaw!
Lenny: No, it sounds like a buzzsaw.
(The tree collapses, leaving them stuck underneath it)
Lenny: Hey, Carl. Why do we fight so much?
Carl: Sometimes, I think it's cause it's all we have left...
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