Radio Bart
Lisa the Greek
Homer Alone
Smooth Jimmy Apollo: Today's game between the Denver Broncos and the New England Patriots is too close to call. But if you are one of those compulsive types that just has to bet, uh, I don't know... Denver.
(Homer phones Moe)
Homer: Moe, can you put me down for $20 on Denver?
Moe: (slyly) I think we can arrange that. Chief Wiggum, can you pass me my little black book?
Chief Wiggum: Oh, sure thing, Moe. I was just using it as a coaster.
Wiggum hands Moe the betting book.
Moe's Black Book: Barney = $5 Pittsburgh. Smitty = $12 New Orleans. Homer = $20 Denver.

Homer has just lost his bet
Smooth Jimmy Apollo: Well folks, when you are 52% right that means you are 48% wrong.
Homer: D'OH! Why did you not say that before?

Lisa: What could be more exciting than the savage ballet that is pro football?
Homer: Well...oh, you like ice cream, don't you?
Lisa: Uh huh.
Homer: And don't you like ice cream better when it's covered with hot fudge...and mounds of whipped cream...chopped nuts...and ooh, those crumbled-up cookie things they mash up. Mmm...crumbled-up cookie things.
Lisa: So gambling makes a good thing even better.
Homer: Yes, it is like there is some kind of bond between us.

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