Lisa Leslie is a former American professional women's basketball player in the WNBA. She is a three-time WNBA MVP and a four-time Olympic gold medal winner.[1]


The Simpsons attended a WNBA game at Springfield Square Garden. When Lisa Leslie had the ball and dribbled near where the Simpsons were sitting, Lisa Simpson yelled, "Look, that's Lisa Leslie! She showed little girls everywhere that they can grow up to be six-foot-five!" Bart, for his part, added, "Lisa Leslie, you got game!"

At this, Leslie stopped dribbling and spoke directly to Bart: "I think you mean I have game. Try to speak correctly." Bart, ignoring her, hollered, "You go, girl!" At this, Leslie drily replied, "Yes, I will depart, lest your bad grammar rub off on me." Leslie then got back into the game.

Later, at halftime, Ned Flanders was the lucky ticket holder selected to take a halfcourt shot at the basket and win $50,000 if he made it. When Ned went out onto the floor, Lisa Leslie met him at halfcourt and thanked him for supporting the WNBA. Ned replied that it was a nice break from the male sports he usually watched and began to recite a list of them: "Speed walking, ballroom dancing, rhythmic gymnastics, extreme choir ..." At this point, Leslie became impatient, cut Ned off, and told him to "Just hurry up and miss." However, after saying a quick prayer, Ned made the shot and won the $50,000. Leslie presented Ned with his check, and Ned announced that he was donating the money to charity, to Homer's dismay.

Behind the Laughter

  • Lisa Leslie is six feet, five inches (1.96 m) tall in real life.