D'oh-in' in the Wind
Lisa Gets an "A"
Homer Simpson in: "Kidney Trouble"

Cultural references


  • The title is a parody of an earlier episode title "Bart Gets an "F"", which was parodied earlier in "Bart's Dog Gets an F". The title is ironic, seeing as despite the fact that Lisa does get an "A", she cheated. The ending of the episode was also similar to "Bart Gets an "F"", where Lisa tapes the test with an "F" on it, stating that is her true grade that she deserved.
  • During Lisa's daydream that she has failed to qualify for Harvard University and now must consider Brown University, she ends it by chanting "Brown, Brown, Brown" as she returns to reality. Ian Maxtone-Graham inserted that as a joke, as he is a graduate of Brown University.
  • In the Oscar Meyer's periodic table, the element molybdenum replaced by "bolonium".
  • Aside from bolognium, the rest of the Oscar Meyer periodic table appears mostly unaltered, except for being truncated on the right side. One notable exception is tungsten (W), which is changed to We on the periodic table, possibly signifying some version of the word "weiner".


  • Wendell can be seen with brown hair early in the episode.
  • When Chuck is seen in class, at one point, his shirt is lavender.
  • Vlcsnap-2012-12-09-16h55m36s13

    Two kids have no test sheets; globe colors are wrong

    Two kids in the middle of the class (a boy just behind Ralph and a girl two desks behind Lisa) do not have test sheets, however they are shown writing on their desks.
    • In the same scene, the globe's colors are inverted: the continents are blue and the oceans are green. Both errors can be seen in the screenshot to the right.
  • Lisa starts off barefoot when playing the PlayStation game. However when Ralph comes to see Lisa, she is wearing her aqua-green slippers. Then, after he leaves and she drops the book on the floor, she is barefoot again.
  • Lewis can be seen with yellow skin.
  • A person doesn't catch the common cold from very low temperatures alone.

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