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A Milhouse Divided
Lisa's Date with Density
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  • Lisa's complaint on how Bart manages to do the writing every week for detention is a reference to the Chalkboard gag Bart does in nearly every title sequence.
  • Maggie doesn't appear in this episode except in the couch gag
  • In the promos for this episode, there is a scene where Lisa and Nelson ride a bike together. This isn't in the actual episode, but is included on the season eight DVD set as a deleted scene.
  • It is revealed that Janey may have a crush on Milhouse, and Üter may have a crush on Janey.
  • Lisa says "crumb bums" in this episode, an expression not often used by the likes of her. 
  • During syndicated airings, Üter's line, "She does not!" & the class saying "Üter likes Milhouse!" is not shown.
  • Lisa mentions that Nelson was her first kiss, but she was already kissed by the Sailor Kid in Bart the General. Although she may not consider this as her first kiss, because he forced her to do so, much to Lisa's dislike.

Cultural referencesEdit

  • The episode title is both a reference to the phrase "Date with Destiny" and a reference to the 1985 film Back to the Future, where George McFly mixes up the words "destiny" and "density."


  • In Lisa's music class, there is a wide shot of the entire class. Üter sits next to Milhouse Van Houten in this shot. However, in the next shot, it's Ralph Wiggum. In a following shot of the entire class, it's Üter again. They both replace each other in the same seat (i.e. Ralph is nowhere to be found in the shots with Üter and vice versa.)
  • The hole in Nelson's locker appears to increase in size.
  • If Kearney has a car (the Hyundai that Chalmers and Skinner tried to steal the "H" from), why does he take the school bus? It is possible that he takes the bus if he can't use the car (maybe he shares it with someone) or that he stole the car
  • In this episode, Nelson mentions that Lisa is the first person to come over his house ever since his dad went nuts, but "A Milhouse Divided" established that Nelson's dad left his mom after she got hooked on cough drops (and later episodes establish that Nelson lives with his mom, even though his dad appeared in "Bart Star" driving Nelson to Hooters [with Nelson saying that he doesn't want to bother his mom at work] and "Sleeping with the Enemy" revealed that Nelson's dad went missing for all these years because he was mistaken for a carnival freak after eating a candy bar and suffering an allergic reaction to the peanuts in it, to the point that he looked like a carnival sideshow freak and was forced to join one.
  • In Lisa's music class, Janey was animated joining in on the class teasing Milhouse by saying "Milhouse likes Lisa" before saying he does not like her. Also, Uter is animated joining in on the class teasing Janey by saying "Janey likes Milhouse" before saying she does not like him.

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