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Lisa's Classmate 3 is an unnamed second grader in Ms. Hoover's class.


This character usually appears in the background, mostly at school, but has appeared in other places in Springfield. She usually appears when the episode centers around Lisa.

Sometimes, she is one of the students who laughs at Lisa, when he she gets embarrassed or humiliated by someone.

She often hangs out with other girls such as Becky or Janey on the playground. She has never been heard speaking.


She wears a magenta colored dress, white socks, and magenta colored shoes. She wears a magenta colored alice headband on her head. She has long brown hair.

In numerous episodes her hair, dress, shoes, and alice band are all colored purple to match the appearance of Sherri and Terri. In other episodes, she wears a blue dress and a blue alice headband.


  • In a number of episodes she bears a strong resemblance to Sherri and Terri. Despite that, it is not known if she is the third sister, who has been mentioned a few times in the show.
  • She was one of the kids that sung Sherri Smells, Terri Smells.

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