From The Simpsons Library of Wisdom's The Homer Book.

Lenny & Carl (Homer's fellow droner in Sector 7G)

Categorized in their employment files as "fully replaceable cogs," despite holding Masters Degrees in Nuclear Physics, Lenny and Carl take comfort in the fact that they outrank Homer. Yet, they are united with him in their slack-worthy attention to detail, fondness for donuts, and ability to stretch a coffee break to the breaking point.

Quote: (Lenny) "Today's assault weapons have gotten a lot of bad press lately, but they're manufactured for a reason: to take out today's modern super-animals, such as the flying squirrel and the electric eel."

(Carl) "Everybody makes mistakes, that's why they put erasers on pencils."

Union affiliation: International Brotherhood of Jazz Dancers, Pastry Chefs, and Nuclear Technicians.

Sports: Bowling, poker, and the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant Softball Team.

Rankings in the Stonecutter Hierarchy: Lenny is #12; Carl is #14.

Shared antipathies: People poking holes in the jelly donuts, the high cost of stadium beer, and those good-for-nothing brainiacs of MENSA.

Infirmities: Lenny suffers from sciatica, while Carl has a crippling habit of telling the truth.

Strange if true: Bart once paid Carl & Lenny $1000 to kiss each other.

Turn-ons: Lenny likes bottle rockets, peering into peoples' homes, and practicing Ikebana, the ancient Japanese art of flower arrangement; while Carl likes to keep to himself.

[Caption of Homer at the bottom of the page saying "Aw, Lenny and Carl suck! Please don't tell Lenny and Carl I said that, because if I ever lost them as friends..."]