Forgive and Regret
Left Behind
Throw Grampa from the Dane

Left Behind is the nineteenth episode of Season 29.


Homer gets Ned Flanders a job at the plant, and he soon learns that no good deed goes unpunished when Flanders starts to insist on carpools and demands more from Homer's work performance. Meanwhile, Marge feels as though their marriage has lost its spark.


During pork chop night, Homer doesn't join the Simpson family to watch the solar eclipse. Marge gets mad for him not watching it with her, and wants him to go on a date night the next day.

At Moe's Tavern, he asks for advice from the guys and then gets ready, fixing himself up and placing rose petals outside the bedroom door and over the staircase. He brings her at The Gilded Truffle, at The Sip 'N' Spin Lounge and on a gondola, that they manage to get home.

When the things were starting to get spicy in the bedroom, someone started knocking on the door. It was Ned, feeling down since he lost his job, as The Leftorium closed after people started getting their stuff online. Marge gets Homer to help him get a job at the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant, while Ned offers him his famous hot cocoa.

Due to his head of resources firing himself, Mr. Burns offers Ned his place and he accepts, while Rod and Todd stays at the Simpson house. Ned makes lots of changes to the Power Plant, stressing them all, but gets fired once he suggests giving money to charity to Mr. Burns.

He tries to work as a dance instructor at Springfield Harbor Cruises, but after trying to teach using the bible as instructions he was thrown off the cruise boat. At Rolling Stone Magazine, he cut The Rolling Stones' hair and changed the way they dressed for a cover photo, and was thrown off the building. He tried selling Bibles on the roadside but sold none, where Korans sold, right next to him.

To help him, Marge tells him to do one of Jesus' jobs, becoming a teacher, becoming the new teacher at Springfield Elementary, substituting Edna, but the kids make him leave this job too.

At Moe's, Bart and Homer discuss ruining Ned's life, Bart being the one that gave him the last straw when he was a teacher, and convinces him to go back to being a teacher, scaring the children with Bart's help, making them think it was God's will. Ned becomes the class' teacher.



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