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Marge writing

Marge is seen here writing with her left hand, although she usually prefers her right.

Left-handed residents are common in The Simpsons.

Even though only 10-15% of people are left-handed, there is a higher than usual number of characters in The Simpsons that appear to be left-handed, or are seen to be writing with their left hand. Some are generally noted to be officially left-handed characters. These include Bart SimpsonSeymour Skinner, Ned Flanders, Moe Szyslak, Marge Simpson (originally) and many others.

Lisa Simpson is seen using a fork with her left hand in "The Cue Detective."

This large number of left-handed characters is due to the fact that Matt Groening himself is left-handed.

However it's important to highlight that sometimes they have been seen as right-handed, even Ned Flanders, owner of the Leftorium. And right-handed characters like Homer have sometimes been seen using their left hand to write.

It wasn't until 2010 in Boy Meets Curl that it was shown that Marge was originally left-handed. Marge said that she used her right hand so she wouldn't be judged, so she would technically be considered ambidextrous.

List of characters by handedness (Sources:[1])
Character Handedness
Homer Simpson Right Handed (usually)
Marge Simpson Ambidextrous
Bart Simpson Left Handed (usually)
Lisa Simpson Right Handed
Maggie Simpson Left Handed
Martin Prince Right Handed
Ned Flanders Left Handed
Barney Right-handed
Lenny Unknown
Carl Unknown
Seymour Skinner Left Handed
Moe Left Handed
Mr. Burns Left Handed (S3E3)
Dolph Starbeam Left Handed

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