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Springfield has many laws, as well as the standard US ones.

Town Charter

The town charter states: "If foodstuffs should touch the ground, said foodstuffs shall be turned over to the village idiot." Homer uses this to steal food from a crashed truck.


Gambling was made legal in Springfield to solve the economic downfall.[1]

Same-sex Marriage

After having its tourism devastated after a bad review by Howell Huser, Springfield legalises same-sex marriage as a way to make money. However the First Church of Springfield does not perform any of the services.[2]

Illegal Immigrants

A proposition to deport all illegal immigrants (proposition 24) passed with 95%.[3]

Government Knows Best

The Government Knows Best Act enabled the Government to jail the Simpson family along with Bill Clinton and Elmo.

Other Laws

  • Mayor Quimby banned the Larry Snotter books from the town for a brief period.
  • According to Otto, the age of consent for tattoos is 14[4]


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