This article is about the Itchy and Scratchy episode. You may be looking for the similarly-titled Season 28 episode.

Last Traction Hero is an episode of The Itchy & Scratchy Show.


Scratchy is working weights, eventually managing to buff himself up via three lifts of a dumbbell before posing. He then flexes them in front of Itchy, who then gets the idea to use a pin to pop him like a balloon. Itchy then pokes Scratchy in the chest, although the latter laughs him off. Itchy, undaunted, then pokes multiple holes in the chest. Scratchy laughs, only to bleed profusely and sit down in exhaustion. Itchy then proceeds to rev up a chainsaw and proceeded to carve off portions of his muscles, including his pecs and portions of his forearms.

Itchy and Scratchy then briefly breaks character to give an important announcement, where they reveal the opening of the theme park Itchy & Scratchy Land, with their also giving a discount for any first time arrivals for the occasion. Itchy then, instead of cutting the ticket price with a scissors, jabs the scissors into Scratchy's head, who then yanks them out with some of his brains, leaving him drooling.


This is one of the few Itchy and Scratchy episodes to have a break from the story for an important announcement (in-episode, in this case). Others include "Good Cats, Bad Choices" from Bart After Dark (which ended up interrupted with a breaking news flash due to an oil tanker running aground).