Larry the lamb's journal
Larry the Lamb is the fourth grade's toy to take home for the weekend. Each person that takes Larry home writes in his Journal. The person who takes him home is decided by a name drawn out of a box. Nelson also implies that he is rather attached to Larry the Lamb, as it is "the only thing that keeps him sane". Whenever one of the kids shouts Larry's name, Agnes Skinner thinks that the children are talking about a sexual partner, such as when Lisa lost Larry in the sewer and was calling out Larry's name, Agnes tells her that she's "getting desperate", and after Bart lamenting Larry's destruction, she even asks for his number.
Larry the lamb

Larry the lamb

Going Home with people

Going Home with Martin

When Larry went home with Martin, they go skydiving and a picture is taken and put in Larry's Journal.

Going home with Bart

Larry once went home with Bart. But Bart doesn't want it; so he gives it to Lisa. Then later on, Lisa takes Larry for a walk but the buggy (which Larry is in) crashes into a car and Larry shoots out of the buggy and into the sewer. Bart gets into the sewer but ends up at the beach. Larry in the end gets ripped due to Bart doing an aerial runway on Larry (as they were attempting to escape from sewer cats). Nobody noticed, though. Larry is soon fixed.