Lawrence "Larry" Montgomery Burns is the son of Charles Montgomery Burns and Lily Bancroft.


Born in 1939/1940 (in the timeline of his first appearance), Larry grew up in an orphanage before getting a job at a souvenir stand. While he never actually knew his real parents, Larry did have a locket containing a photo of his father, Charles Montgomery Burns. One fateful day while working at the souvenir stand Larry noticed Mr. Burns sitting on a train that had been halted nearby and quickly realized that it was his father. So he hitched a ride to Springfield and met up with Mr. Burns at his estate and revealed himself as his son (leaving Mr.Burns shocked at the realization the affair he had with Lily Bancroft at a Yale reunion resulted in her bearing his child). While Larry and Mr.Burns originally try to form a productive relationship, this proves rather difficult due to the vast differences in their personalities. As result Mr.Burns gives Larry a job at the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant to keep him out of his hair while he works things out. His intense causality, uncouth manner, lack of intelligence and love of drinking meant that he had many things in common with Homer Simpson, and they became good friends, but this angered Mr. Burns as he himself is man of up most sophistication. He eventually forgives him but Burns disowned him for the second time stating that while he can't change the fact that they share the same DNA, he could never be the father that his son needs. Larry is not in the least bothered by this and returns home, realizing he had not told his wife and children where he was for a week.[1]

Behind the Laughter

Larry Burns was voiced by stand-up comedian, the late Rodney Dangerfield and has appeared in two episodes.

In the episode Bart Gets a "Z", a Rodney Dangerfield-style figure appears in a film-within-a-film with a plot similar to Dangerfield's 1986 college-comedy Back to School. Although this figure shares some characteristics with Larry Burns, the character designs for each are clearly different. The quasi-Dangerfield figure is voiced by Hank Azaria. For further information, see Highbrow Academy.

Although Larry Burns himself does not appear in Kamp Krustier, a child briefly appears in the beginning who has a similar appearance and mannerisms to Larry Burns, saying upon disembarking "About time! It was a really rough camp!".