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Larry Burns

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Larry Burns
Larry burns
Sex Male
Status Alive
Hair White
Occupation Salesman
Springfield Nuclear Power Plant worker.
Relatives Parents: Charles Montgomery Burns and Lily Bancroft

Wife: Unnamed
Children: Several unnamed
Grandmothers: Daphne Burns and Mimsy Bancroft
Grandfather: Clifford Burns
Aunt: Cornelia Hernandez
Uncles: Sancho Hernandez, Zeph Burns, Cornelius Burns and George Burns
Cousin: Pepita Hernandez
Great-Grandparents: Wainwright Montgomery Burns and Evelyn Graycomb
Great-Great Grandparents: Otto Graycomb, Lolly DuBois and Franklin Jefferson Burns

First Appearance Burns, Baby Burns
Voiced By Rodney Dangerfield
Lawrence "Larry" Montgomery Burns is the son of Charles Montgomery Burns and Lily Bancroft.


Larry grew up in an orphanage before getting a job at a souvenir stand. Whilst working at the souvenir stand, he tracked down his father Charles Montgomery Burns and ended up getting a job at the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant. His uncouth manner, lack of intelligence and love of drinking meant that he had many things in common with Homer Simpson, and they became good friends, but this angered Mr. Burns. He eventually forgives him but Burns disowned him for the second time and Larry returns home, realizing he had not told his wife and children where he was for a week.[1]

Behind the LaughterEdit

Larry Burns was voiced by stand-up comedian Rodney Dangerfield and has appeared in two episodes.

In the episode Bart Gets a "Z", a Rodney Dangerfield-style figure appears in a film-within-a-film with a plot similar to Dangerfield's 1986 college-comedy Back to School. Although this figure shares some characteristics with Larry Burns, the character designs for each are clearly different. The quasi-Dangerfield figure is voiced by Hank Azaria. For further information, see Highbrow Academy.


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