Lady Song

Lady is a song that Charles Heathbar serenades Marge with when she participated in the show Wife Swap. It appeared in "Homer Simpson, This Is Your Wife".


So, you see, we have the whole house to ourselves. (sees a guitar) Ooh, who left this here? (starts playing) Did I tell you I'm a bit of a songwriter? Words and music, hold the applause. I wrote this song for a woman. You.
Hmmm, what an odd thing for a man who's not interested in me to do.
Yes, not interested. Let me just breathe your scent for a moment before I play. (inhales and exhales)
Lady, when you came to me,
I was feeling blue.
Blue just like your hair you see,
Blue just like the moon.
But only when the moon is blue
And not when it is cream,
And now that you are here with me,
I am in a dream.
Oh yeah, Marge, your dreams can come true.
Lady, when you go away,
I feel like I could die.
Not like "dye" like your hair is dyed,
But die like Lady Di.
And not like "Di" like her name is "Di,"
But die like when she died.
(gulps, breathes)
But, lady, just like Lady Di,
Be my princess tonight.
(But don't die.)
Don't die, noooo...
That song was very nice. How'd you think up so many rhyming words?