The L.A. Body Works is a health club in Springfield.


Marge gave the L.A. Body Works a try when she was trying to lose weight and was looking for a gym to join. She felt self-conscious when she noticed she was the only one having trouble with the treadmill, and decidedly out of place when she saw that everyone else had above-average physiques.

After her workout, Marge took a relaxing shower, only to find that her shower stall had a full-length window facing the street, providing passersby with a complete view of her, leaving her self-conscious.

The experience convinced Marge that the L.A. Body Works wasn't the gym for her, so she decided to create Shapes.

Known members

La body works tapped out

Tapped Out

Behind the laughter

  • The L.A. Body Works is a parody of the health club chain LA Fitness.