Kyle is a third-grader at Springfield Elementary School.


When Bart and Lisa were placed temporarily in the third grade, the class went on a field trip to Capital City.

Bart wanted to be partnered with Kyle, while Lisa called for another girl. However, Ms. McConnell didn't allow that and partnered Bart and Lisa with each other.

Kyle was partnered up with Ashley for the class trip. After the trip concluded, Kyle sat with another girl on the bus, who is most likely his sister.

This is furthermore proven when Kyle is seen with the same girl in a number of other episodes. Kyle has reappeared in many episodes since then and some times is seen with his parents.


Kyle wears long blue pants, a green shirt, and white shoes. He's noted for having a sweater wrapped around his waist. He usually has blonde hair, but has been seen with brown hair numerous times.


  • He resembles one of his classmates, Dakota. Both also resemble fourth-grader Kevin, with the exception that Kevin has brown hair instead of blonde hair.
    • He usually has a sweater tied around his waist, which gives him away.
  • His partner for the class field trip is Ashley, who Lisa choose for her partner.